• Lactic acid <b> bacteria </b> and inulin

    Lactic acid bacteria and inulin

    Source of 8 types of bacteria

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  • Inspired <b> by nature </b>

    Inspired by nature

    Coenzyme Q10 participates in a number of important processes

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  • Inspired <b> by nature </b>

    Inspired by nature

    Ensure well-being for you and the whole family.

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  • <b>Beauty</b> and <b>luxury</b> within reach

    Beauty and luxury within reach

    A unique combination of latest technology and science. Provide the skin with real nourishment, hydration and a youthful appearance.

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  • Extract <b> of Shiitake mushroom  </b>

    Extract of Shiitake mushroom

    Ensure well-being for you and the whole family

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We are here to help you all through our products and services on the way leading to health, beauty, success and self-fulfillment.

Produkty Finclub

We offer tradition, experience and background

We are a Czech company operating on the market for more than 30 years. We belong to the top in the filed of  food supplements.

We have brought the natural food supplements from Finland to the Czech Republic. All the Finnish supplements are made by one manufacturer - Hankintatukku Oy company which is a holder of AAA rating and one of the leading world producers of natural parapharmaceuticals. Finclub is a strategic and the biggest partner of this company providing distribution and service in the Central Europe.

We have enabled hundreds of our business partners to fulfill their dream about their own successfull company, we are partners of thousands of active cooperators in their health and beauty care, our products have helped to thousands and thousands of satisfied clients

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Top quality

Plants from ecological

More than 30 years
on the market

Medical board


Natural food supplements, cosmetics and detergents.

Interactive advisor

Choose a product exactly according to your requirements and needs.

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Do business with us and combine business with pleasure.