How Finclub uses cookies

We use cookies for different purposes. For example, we use them to store settings, and to determine the number of visitors to a specific page. Also make it easier to log on to our services and allow better protect data.

The data may not be used to verify the identity of users.

Safety These cookies are used to authenticate users to prevent unauthorized use of data logging and to protect user data against unauthorized access.
For example, we use cookies "SID" and "HSID" contain digitally signed and encrypted data that identify a user account and shows the last hour logging. The combination of these two files allows us to block various attacks, for example. Attempts to capture the contents of the forms filled out on web pages.
Analytics Google Analytics is a web tool from Google that allows site owners to better understand the preferences of their users. Google Analytics saves cookies under the domain site you are visiting. It uses a set of cookies (such as "__utma" or "_utmz") that allow anonymous collection of information and data on trends without identifying individual users.

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