Story of Finclub

1. A Thought

A Thought

In the early 90s Mr Jan Trojak, a founder of Finclub company, started to think about an idea how to increase a level of health in the Czech Republic and make some money in the same time.

2. Finland


They were wondering with his wife above the map of Europe which country to start cooperation with. Finland, ecological land with beautiful unspoiled nature - the country of thousands of lakes and forests, appealed to them.

3. Journey to Prague

Journey to Prague
Mr. Trojak decided to také an action and he went to Prague to visit the Finnish embassy where he met by luck Mr. Arno Latvus, an owner of Hankintatukku Oy company.

4. Beginning of the cooperation

Beginning of the cooperation

More than 25-year cooperation started by shaking hands.

5. The first order

The first order
The first delivery from Finland was only a small parcel valued at a few thousand CZK – nowadays there is a big truck every week.

6. The first office

The first office
It all started in one small office – now we operate in 8 European countries

7. Distribution centers

Distribution centers
At the beginning we ceremonially opened the first 5 distribution centers – nowadays we have about 50 of them around Europe.

8. We are one big family

We are one big family
At the beginning there were hundreds of distributors – nowadays more than 40 000 active members promote our products around Europe.

9. And our visions towards future?

And our visions towards future?
We aim to become the best company dealing with the prevention of lifestyle deseases offering perspective and long-term business opportunities based on multilevel marketing.

Why buy from us?


Top quality

Plants from ecological

More than 30 years
on the market

Medical board