Jan Trojak

Jan Trojak - founded the Finclub company, defined its role, led it and imprinted an original, unrepeatable character. As one of the first in the Czech Republic established an MLM system (mulltilevel marketing) into Finclub and it has been successfully used since then. A family business, due to joined effort of the owners Jan and Markéta Trojak, management, successful business partners, other members and cooperators, has grown into a prosperous international company now operating in eight countries of Central Europe.

Finclub was founded for two reasons. The main objective of the founder was to benefit people while earning money. The business with good products became his passion. The process of exchange, profit formation, little bit of adrenaline and newfound freedom after the Velvet Revolution were its driving force. There were many people having the same opinion like him who joined Finlcub. They have created a common system, where in addition to the good cooperation, they started earning interesting money. Mr. Trojak thus helped people to higher standards of living and therefore to true freedom and independence.

Company history


Finclub by the Adriatic Sea

FINCLUB Group, d.o.o., established in Croatia


Mission possible

Launch of an International AHCC Mission to improve the healthcare quality of our generation


Establishment of a company in Romania

Establishment of a company S. C. FINCLUB Transylvania S. r. l. in Romania


Entering Austria and Germany

Entering Austrian and German markets


Beginning in Hungary

Establishment of a company FINCLUB Hungary Kft. in Hungary


Change in Poland

Change of a name of company from Hankin Poland to FINCLUB Poland Sp. z o. o.


Slovakia and Poland

Establishment of FINCLUB Slovakia, spol. s r.o. (limited liability company) company in Slovakia

Establishment of a company Hankin Poland in Poland


Transformation into a joint stock company

Establishment of a company FINCLUB plus, a. s. (joint stock) in the Czech Republic, interconnection of international networks


First steps in Slovakia

Establishment of a company Finclub OZZO in Slovakia


Medical Board

Establishment of the Medical Board of Finclub, the first issue of a Finclub magazine


Beginning in the Czech Republic

Establishment of a Finclub s.r.o. (a limited liability company), implementation of the MLM system, development of a network in the Czech Republic.


Inicial thought

Decision of a founder Jan Trojak to establish a company with ecological products, beginning of cooperation with Hankintatukku Oy, expansion into pharmacies in the Czech Republic.

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