Why Finclub

Medical board – the guarantee of quality

One of the basic values of a company Finclub is the respectability. This is why Finclub at a very beginning establishes its Medical board – an association of doctors from various fields who are the guarantors of the seriousness of the information and also a guarantee of a quality program of care for our clients. Currently the medical board associates more than 2,000 doctors and experts from various fields of medicine.

Preparations have an original content

During their research our suppliers use world databanks and the latest scientific knowledge. These are combined with proven, several thousand years old natural medicine approaches.

Source of quality – unspoiled nature

Thanks to its purity and a polar day with long-lasting sunshine Finnish nature gives optimal conditions for the cultivation of medicinal herbs with a high content of affective ingredients. Plant extracts, raw materials and products at our suppliers are scanned by a multiple control.

Manufacturing process complies with GMP

Good Manufacturing Practice – the manufacture complies with the highest requirements on manufacturing quality and the strictest standards for the manufacture of preparations. The product itself is then under scrutiny from choice of raw material to the final product, and throughout this period it must comply with the multiple quality control system. It has its "birth certificate" that accompanies it from its birth to the dispatch.

Cultivation and gathering of plants complies with GAP

Agricultural Practice – it means „the revolution“ of a plant cultivation which are then determined for food supplement production. Unlike the GMP, which monitors and ensures the quality of products during manufacturing, GAP monitors and ensures the quality of plants used for manufacturing.

The plant is carefully monitored from the seed till the harvest and therefore we have guarantees that our products contain plants that are:

  • grown without pesticides
  • harvested during the period when they contain the most of affective ingredients
  • grown in ecologically clean areas without chemicals
  • processed very carefully, immediatelly after collection to avoid any loss of value 

No animal testing

Many people do not consider the fact that thousands of animals suffer around the world during testing of miscellaneous goods and also during testing single parts of such goods. All our suppliers guarantee in writing that none of their products has been tested on animals. 

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