Our new websites for markets with method of payment in EUR and GBP

Our new websites for markets with method of payment in EUR and GBP

We would like to invite you to use our new websites which are serving the markets with method of payment in EUR and GBP.

Dear Sir or Madam,

Today's life is becoming faster in almost every aspect. New technologies emerge so quickly that it's hard to keep up with them. We often learn something which at the beginning of the study is new, and at the end, is already outdated. Wasn’t a few years ago the idea of watching TV on mobile phone just a dream? Or the fact that we could shop using mobile phones? But today, it's obvious. Statistics show that people are moving away from desktop computers to mobile devices. Exact figures indicate that 3/4 of internet users use tablets and smartphones instead of desktop computers.

Even Finclub is moving with the times! Therefore, today we would like to launch our new website, presenting a new, clean design. Pages automatically adjust to the device which you are using. Mobile version on your smartphone or tablet is going to look different from the one on a notebook or desktop computer. But always at hand (or finger) you will have the most important keys that will lead you to the information, that at the time, you are going to need.

These pages serve English-speaking customers. For markets with method of payment in Euro the domain address is www.finclub.eu, and for customers choosing the method payment in pounds the domain address is www.finclub.org.uk.

In addition to a pleasant appearance, we prepared for you a lot of information:
• Why choose Finclub
• Interactive advisor will help you find the most suitable product
• How was our company founded and what have we achieved in 25 years on the market
• About our foreign suppliers

We wish you great success!
Your Finclub

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