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Multifunctional MGCPQQ®

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Food supplement fin VitaEnergytabs contains a patented compound MGCPQQ® - which supports mitochondrial function.

MGCPQQ® enhances mitochondrial function. Mitochondria are responsible for the cellular energy metabolism, or cellular respiration. It affects cell growth, development, differentiation and life span. It has an effect mainly to brain health, but also on the metabolism of the whole body.

It can’t be produced by humans and although it is produced in small amounts by the gut microbes, it must be obtained predominantly from diet. Parsley, kiwi, green pepper, papaya and tofu are good sources of PQQ.

MGCPQQ® is a water soluble compound produced by fermentation of Hyphomicrobium denitrificans. MGCPQQ® has received Novel Food status in the EU on 10.8.2018. It is the only PQQ that has a Novel Food status.


of active substances:
in 2 tablets: 20 mg MGCPQQ® disodium salt of pyrroloquinoline quinone
Package: 60 tablets /15 g
Recommended dosage: For adults 2 tablets a day
Instructions for use: in the morning, with meal, rinse with water. Not recommended for children, during pregnancy or breastfeeding. This product is not intended to substitute a varied diet. Keep out of reach of children. Do not exceed the daily dose. Pay attention to the variety and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.
Distributor: FINCLUB POLAND Sp. z o.o., 43-400 Cieszyn, ul. T. Kościuszki 33
Producer: Hankintatukku Oy, Lehtolankatu 18, FI 03600 Karkkila, Finland

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