Times have changed. To be successful, it is now necessary to continually educate yourself. Continuing education through training, seminars or self-study is a normal part of today’s life.

Basic types of training in Finclub:

Product training - basic information about the products can be obtained from the sponsor, in a catalogue and through e-learning, detailed information in lectures of the distribution centre, at regional seminars, and national or international Fin-conferences.

Business training- is dependent on the career level achieved by an advisor or member. Basic information is provided by the sponsor, top sponsor, detailed through e-learning, business seminars and business conferences.

Internet education - e-learning allows the acquisition of knowledge from the comfort of your home. Finclub organises for its successful graduates product and business trainings with free admission. More information is available at:

Regular training events
  • Initial trainings - regular trainings at distribution centres for new members and advisors (1 per month)
  • Business counselling - regular meetings at distribution centres, regarding business with Finclub (1 per month)
  • Regional seminars - thematically focused on products and trade, organised by distribution centres and top sponsors (2 per year)
  • Product or business seminars following e-learning (1 - 2 per year)
  • International FINCONFERENCES - a prestigious corporate event with international participation (1 per year - in spring)
  • International CONFERENCES of traders and doctors - the most important business event with international participation (1 per year - in autumn)

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