Moisturizing tonic for face: Aloe Vera & Olive Oil

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Moisturizing face toner contains Aloe Vera gel, hyaluronic acid, extra virgin olive oil, wheat germ oil, chamomile extract, marigold, mint and lavender. It gives the skin energy and freshness, prepares it to absorb the active ingredients of the cream, which must be applied to the face after cleansing with the toner. It does not dry  the skin and helps maintain the natural pH balance. It makes the skin supple and radiant. Toner can be used both in the morning and in the evening, just moisten the cotton pad with toner and cleanse the face and décolleté - in the morning toner "wakes up" the skin, and in the evening it is the last cleansing step.


Content: Aloe Vera Barbadensis gel *, Olea Europaea ( extra virgin olive oil) *, glycerin, hyaluronic acid, wheat germ oil *, chamomile extract, marigold extract, mint, lavender extract, panthenol * plants from own organic farming
Package: 200 ml
Instructions for use: Toner can be used both morning and evening, moisten the cotton pad with toner and cleanse the face and décolleté.
Distributor: Finclub POLAND Sp. o.o., 43-400 Cieszyn, ul. T.Kosciuszki 33
Producer: Merino Service Linea Natura S.n.c. Via Zimbalo Z.A. -73,023 Martano (LE), Italy

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